Brian Burnett
Chronicle Labyrinth

Interactive Installation
Exterior view (left)
Aerial view from inside (right)
Digital Video projection w/ sound, magazines, stainless steel, plastic, fabric
15 x 14 x 4.5
Part of a body of installations titled “Sites of Plural Lust and Tragedy," "Chronicle Labyrinth" consists of over 1000 magazines, tightly bound, taped, and suspended into a conical curtain. On the floor shopping carts are reconfigured into coffins and lined with magazines, enticing the viewer to climb in while peering above at a video projection from “grave point of view.” The ten minute looped video conveys a perspective, which roams and scans the labyrinth of a Wal-Mart department store as if disoriented and trapped in a video game. Intermittent sounds investigate the nuances of strangers in private conversation to the absurdity of PA announcements. The dematerialized nature of the magazines serves as a phallic flood of consequential disposable histories, lifestyles, fantasies, and values that individuals are inundated by on a daily basis.
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